city of shadows 1

One of the best things that art can do is subvert the viewer’s experience of what they see. In the case of a photograph that means creating a story or presenting a shift in time when (by definition) a photo is still, taken in a split second, capturing a precise moment. In Alexey Titarenko’s collection of shots from his City of Shadows series there is the effect of a city full of, if not life then of life that is ‘going on’. These photographs remind us of the story of the daily commute or transfer or pilgrimage, and give us the sensation of what rises in us as life grinds on and the days pass by. Unsentimental, our presence is more a cloudy pollution – ordered but hectic, mechanical but full of individual chaos. We are ants in a flurry, beetles on a mission, painted dirty we endeavour to conform.

city of shadows 2 city of shadows 3 city of shadows 4 city of shadows 5 city of shadows




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