This isn’t, perhaps, what you would call ‘high art’, however, I’ve admired this wall painting for a couple of years now. And today I’ve named it The Pits.

At the industrial end of Montague Street in South Melbourne, there’s a kind of realness about the attempts of this casual, most ordinary-looking man, to remain true to innocence or an ideal he once housed, as he falls to earth. Well painted with little fuss and achieving an almost pencil-drawn quality, the figure seems to be coming out from the wall as if in 3D.

But what looms is the image’s message. It seems to be commenting on the pitfalls of life for the uninitiated but nonetheless immersed. And the thing that brings my eyes to this image again and again is the lightness of the subject as if he really is falling, as if his efforts to look up in an ever hopeful manner, will save him.


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