Week #46 Streets of Helsinki: a photography series

by SJ Finn

Rhawi Dantas 1

Rhawi Dantas, who was originally from Brazil, lives in Helsinki, Finland, where these photos are taken. Honest and straightforward, any distortion only adds to their candour. It might be easy to say he has an eye, but perhaps the truth is closer to saying that he has a rhythm in the shots that tells something of what is behind the capture. Uncanny in his ability to take a slither of life, hard-working certainly, Rhawi Dantas has taken some damn fine photographs. There’s this in the Streets of Hong Kong series, this in the Streets of Korea series, and this in the Streets of Macau series.

Rhawi Dantas 6Rhawi Dantas 5Rhawi Dantas 4Rhawi Dantas 2Rhawi Dantas 7