wayne Macauley

Wayne Macauley is one of my favourite authors. His writing has that daring capacity to capture the bizarre in the ordinary, the absurd in the everyday, and the laughable in the direst of circumstance. Simply put, it champions the urbane among the chaos. All this occurs, not at the expense of poignancy, but as its procurer. Navigating through spiky, offbeat scenes, the stories – all of which I recommend – cruise along the suburban streets of our wealthy and poor alike, conjuring the macabre while managing to do “absolute telling”.

Caravan Story is no exception. Like all his work, metaphor and menace play a part. The ideas are intrinsic from the beginning, and the prose, which is joyously full, creates a calm absurdity that slowly builds into a far darker momentum. Caught in a world of rules and regulations, the young couple at the centre of the narrative have no option but to carry on as things around them become increasingly difficult. This is writing that remains with you in the manifestation of warning bells. Put on your helmet and ride the wave. It’s cause and effect at its best.


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