Week #55 Human in Geometry: a photographic series

by SJ Finn

Jolanta Mazur 2

When I first started taking photographs, I was fascinated by the geometry of lines: the dense spaces they held, their ability to create change while delivering calmness. Jolanta Mazur has put together a series of photos that allow both space and density to bloom in the eye together. Geometry is the key. The shots dish up a swath of positivity that grounds around in the brain of the recipient. It is symmetry sitting on the shoulders of simpatico.

Colour and place play a part here, not only in the possibility of these photographs but in the richness they produce. Just as importantly, these images tell us something of the people who appear in them. People, after all, are what make this series work. And Jolanta Mazur has organised their placement with structural poignancy, utilising repetition and form to capture the design of life. For more delicious mouthfuls go here and here.

Jolanta Mazur 8Jolanta Mazur 7Jolanta Mazur 5Jolanta Mazur 4Jolanta Mazur 3Jolanta Mazur 1