Michael Wolf 1

Michael Wolf loves to drill into a subject. He chooses a topic and captures it with both brutal honesty and determined calm. This results in pictures that are shamelessly arresting. Particularly unapologetic and fiercely unafraid, is his series, Architecture of Density. Here Wolf has depicted one of the more arresting visual realities of our modern world, the decidedly impersonal but unmistakably of people, high-density living.

The series, Architecture of Density, taken in Hong Kong, conjures a strange reaction in the onlooker. We are attracted, not only to the magnitude of the vision but to the colossus of these buildings. For anyone not accustomed to such concentrated living, seeing such a crowded and inhospitable housing-scape, is like viewing a current dystopia, unbelievable despite its bricks and mortar, although I am sure they are more towers of steel and concrete. We know people live in each of these apartments and yet the images, creating a kind of dual harbinger of thought and emotion, depict the existence of necessity. They are, in other words, bred from real-life complications while remaining to many of us unimaginable.

Other work by Michael Wolf provides just as substantial a bite. Here are a few to chew on: Industrial, 100 x 100, Informal Seating Arrangements and, a personal favourite, Corner Houses.

Michael Wolf 2Michael Wolf 3Michael Wolf 4Michael Wolf 5


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