I’m an Australian writer whose stories have appeared in many literary magazines and featured in the line-ups of competitions. My two novels: This Too Shall Pass and Down to the River both published by Sleeper Publishing are available online through Amazon. Here, however, I’ll be writing about art that I love. Of course, I care about a lot of things: the planet, its animals (all of us) and trees (all its flora, actually). But I do love art and that’s what I’m going to be writing about here. Feel free to check out my website over at http://www.sjfinn.com

Here are some of my short stories:

Agapanthus by SJ Finn published in Sleepers Almanac No. 5

Angus’s Playground by SJ Finn shortlisted in The Age Short Story Competition, shortlisted in The Elizabeth Jolley’s Literary Award, published in the Australian Book Review  

Paper Anniversary by SJ Finn published in Escape Anthology by Spineless Wonders, Runner-up in The Carmel Bird Short Story Competition

My Diaspora by SJ Finn, published in The Australian Newspaper as Out of Sorts in the Game of Life 

Arrest Assured by SJ Finn published in Island Magazine #142

Kalgoorlie by SJ Finn published by Review of Australian Fiction. Shortlisted in the Josephine Ulrick Literary Prize

Tipping Point by SJ Finn published in Kill Your Darlings #13

Stewie’s Turnaround by SJ Finn published by In Short Publishing, Booklet No. 5

White Lines (formally Background) by SJ Finn, winner of the Write Around Murray Competition

Compass by SJ Finn published in Tincture No 17. Runner-up in Global Short Story Competition

Familiar Territory by SJ Finn published in Sleepers Almanac 8

Infiltration by SJ Finn published in Overland Journal #229

Frank (formally Flame Game) by SJ Finn published in Going Down Swinging #27 Runner-up in The Hal Porter Literary Prize

The Storm published in Island Literary Magazine


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