Week #63 Lost Photographs: a photographic series

silvia grav 6

Sylvia Grav is a photographer with a seriously sensitive eye. She’s not just interested in an image but the layers that lie below it, the smoky drafts that compile representation, that build understanding and purpose. The trust we invest as viewers can easily be dismantled.

Her pictures contain the movement of anguish and stand on pillars of old disturbance. There are shots that draw from the historical analogues of art, conjuring old pains and disturbances, loneliness and despair, a kind of searching that is emblematic of life.

Of course, there is much to be explored, much to be examined. In her Light Project Sylvia Grav shows us her playfulness and experimentation. In her Space Shots she shows us how experience nestles in the curve and bulge of the human form. And, in her Lost Photographs we see into the souls of her subjects, into their most classic startled uncertainty.

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